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2018: Hear's to You

By Nadine Dehgan

From every one of us at Hearing Health Foundation (HHF)—scientists, staff, and volunteers—thank you for your support in 2017 and best wishes for 2018.

Because of folks like you, 2017 was an incredible year in which HHF:

  • Increased funding for Hearing Restoration Project & Emerging Research Grants by 35%

  • Launched Ménière's Disease Grants program to better understand & treat this condition

  • Began to fund critical Ototoxic Drug Research so cancer survivors won't have to live with hearing loss as a result of their life-saving treatments

  • Advocated for universal newborn hearing screenings, resulting in the passage of the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Act

  • Endorsed the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act, which will provide a more affordable and accessible treatment option for adults with mild to moderate hearing loss

  • Created Faces of Hearing Loss to show that hearing and balance disorders affect all of us

  • Received Top Ratings from all Charity Watchdogs including Consumer Reports and BBB

With hearts full of gratitude, we look forward to the work to be done in 2018—HHF’s 60th anniversary year.

Ethan e-appeal v3.jpg

With your help, HHF will continue to fund groundbreaking discoveries for the tens of millions of Americans with hearing loss and tinnitus—among whom is Ethan, 6, born with bilateral (in both ears) hearing loss and fortunate to receive early intervention.

Ethan is a first-grader who loves his sisters, soccer, reading, math, and martial arts. Until a cure for hearing loss is realized, he will be dependent on hearing aids or other treatments.

New scientific findings in 2018—empowered by you—can change the future of hearing loss for Ethan and so many others. I look forward to updating you on progress made.

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