Hearing Restoration Project
Unique Research Model to Accelerate Path to A Cure
“Progress towards a successful strategy for restoring hearing has been hampered by the scattershot approach to the problem taken by individual investigators. In the HRP, a consortium of outstanding scientists has chosen to work together collaboratively towards this common goal, an approach that should substantially shorten the time needed to devise a way to restore hearing in people with hearing loss.”
– Peter G. Barr-Gillespie, Ph.D., Director of the HRP Consortium, Oregon Health & Science University
Members of the HRP Consortium at the 2013 Annual Meeting
The Hearing Restoration Project Accelerates Timeline to a Cure!
The Hearing Restoration Project (HRP) is the first international consortium whose purpose is to cure hearing loss and tinnitus through hearing restoration. It began in 2011 after researchers funded through our Emerging Research Grants program discovered that birds have the ability to spontaneously re-grow inner-ear hair cells after they are damaged and restore their hearing. In all mammals including humans, hearing loss is permanent once these hair cells are damaged. Our HRP researchers are applying what we know about birds, mice, and fish to people. Its goal is to regenerate inner-ear hair cells in humans and permanently restore hearing the millions of Americans and people worldwide who have hearing loss.
Our HRP scientists are going about their research in a unique way. Most science is done competitively, where the best researchers compete for funding dollars. In the HRP consortium, collaboration with other scientists is part of the criteria for funding. This collaboration lessens the likelihood of duplicative work and accelerates the timetable toward a cure through the sharing of research, data, and materials.
Our HRP scientists work on research projects together, share their unpublished data and tools, and collaborate on the development and refinement of the HRP’s strategic research plan. The group meets bi-annually in person, monthly by conference call, and communicates frequently by email. This continual dialogue is helping to eliminate repetitive work across the team, saving time and research dollars, and most importantly, accelerating the timetable to a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus.   
Scientific Advisory Board Provides Oversight and Guidance
HHF established a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to provide oversight and guidance to the HRP Consortium.  The SAB is comprised of senior scientists in hearing science, regenerative biology, and related fields. This Board evaluates HRP projects for funding and monitors the performance of funded projects against the goals of the projects. The SAB helps ensure that all donations receive the highest level of stewardship and that the research process is as effective and efficient as possible. 
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