Good to Hear: The Results Are In!


By Gina Russo

Thank you for doing the most good for hearing loss through Hearing Health Foundation (HHF)’s Good to Hear giving campaign earlier this month.

You will recall our 24-hour giving period that began on March 3 aligned with the celebration of World Hearing Day―the World Health Organization (WHO)’s annual campaign to raise awareness of hearing loss care and prevention.

All generous donations made during the giving window were 100% matched by a group of  anonymous donors, and all credit card fees for online gifts were waived.

GoodToHear Vector.png

HHF is delighted to report that more than 50 donors who care about hearing loss contributed to a remarkable total of $20,580 in donations!

This number was doubled as a result of the match to a grand total of $41,160 for hearing research and awareness! HHF is truly awed by our supporters’ generosity and commitment.

Funding is critical for our Hearing Restoration Project (HRP), Emerging Research Grants (ERG), Ménière's Disease Grants (MDG), and educational outreach programs, and to the scientists who are working hard to discover better treatments and cures for hearing loss and balance conditions. Giving went above and beyond our expectations for the campaign.

This critical work is only possible because of you, and we’re so grateful for your thoughtfulness and partnership. Only together can we improve quality of life for the millions living with hearing loss.

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