Welcome to HHF's New Website!

By Nadine Dehgan, CEO, Hearing Health Foundation

Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) proudly introduced a new website today, August 2. The contemporary design features an engaging storytelling format, clear calls to action, and mobile responsiveness, all of which will enable HHF to better serve and communicate with constituents.

Take a look around to familiarize yourself with HHF’s new virtual headquarters. Below are the site’s most exciting improvements:

Simplified Navigation Bar
We reduced our primary navigation bar to just six categories inspired by user analytics from our old website. Choose from About, How to Help, Research, News, Resources, and Hearing Loss. Between the home page and these six key sections, you will find everything you need.

Streamlined Donation & Partnership Hub
How to Help lists every single action that you can take to advance cures and treatments for hearing loss, tinnitus, and related conditions. The options shown here apply to both individual contributors and corporate partners.

Did you ever visit the old on your cell phone? If you did, you probably quickly abandoned the page, frustrated by small text and the need to zoom in and out. Our new website fits perfectly on your smartphone or tablet. Try it!

Consolidation of Research Programs
The Research page provides information on our programs, Emerging Research Grants (ERG), Hearing Restoration Project (RFP), and, the newest, Ménière's Disease Grants (MRG), to keep you informed of our critical investigative work. The reorganization of the Research Programs will also more efficiently attract talented scientists who are researching cures and treatments.

Centralized E-Newsletter and Hearing Health Magazine Registration
Subscribing to HHF is no longer a two-step process. Conveniently opt into to our e-newsletter and free print magazine with fewer clicks on the Subscribe page. The modification will increase viewership and, therefore, hearing health awareness.

More Social Sharing Options
Share useful educational resources or inspiring blog posts with your friends and family seamlessly. Every page includes a sharing sidebar from which you can quickly send information through social media or email.

Ad Space
The new website is more customizable than the previous, allowing for greater advertising capacity. As a result, more organizations will be able to contribute to HHF’s life-changing research and education programs and show commitment to the many Americans with hearing loss, tinnitus, and related conditions.

We welcome your feedback about the new website in the comments section.

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