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The Collette Ramsey Baker Society is named for the organization’s visionary founder, Collette Ramsey Baker.
Through a planned gift, you can have a meaningful, long-term impact on HHF’s future. You can also make a gift to HHF that pays you income for life, with a rate of return that’s guaranteed, regardless of market fluctuations. You can donate real estate, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, personal property and other non-cash assets. Or you can simply remember HHF in your will. Below are some ways to make a planned gift:

For additional information, please contact us at (212) 257-6140 or via email at development@hhf.org.

When you remember Hearing Health Foundation in your estate plan, you can join Hearing Health Foundation’s legacy society called the “Baker Society.” Named after the founder of Deafness Research Foundation (now named Hearing Health Foundation) Collette Ramsey Baker, the Society is a special way to recognize our supporters who have made a special gift through their estate plans.
Our friends and supporters in our Baker Society have planned for gifts to HHF in their estates. Bequests qualify for unlimited charitable deduction, which can reduce your estate taxes and preserve more of your assets for family and other intended beneficiaries. If you would like to remember HHF in your will, here is suggested language:
“I bequeath (___%) or ($___) or (Specific Asset) of my estate to Hearing Health Foundation (Tax ID: 13-1882107) with a principal address of 363 Seventh Avenue, 10th Fl., New York, NY  10001.”
Let us know if you have remembered Hearing Health Foundation in your estate plan so that we may thank you and welcome you to the Baker Society. Those who may have already remembered us in their estate plans through our former name, Deafness Research Foundation, should know that their gift will still go to Hearing Health Foundation.
Life Insurance Policy
If you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need, you can designate HHF as the beneficiary of this existing policy and, as a result, make a considerably larger gift than you thought possible — larger than if you were to donate the cash equivalent of the policy’s premiums.
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