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Through the newly established Ménière's Disease Grants (MDG) program, Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) funds research focused on advancing our understanding of Ménière's disease, the inner ear and balance disorder. This research will significantly advance our understanding of disease mechanisms, or diagnosis and treatment, of Ménière's disease.

Ménière’s disease is a chronic vestibular (inner ear) disorder. The inner ear influences both hearing and balance. It is named for the French doctor Prosper Ménière, who, in 1861, first identified and described the symptoms of the medical condition that now bears his name. These symptoms include fluctuating hearing loss, episodic vertigo, a sensation of ear fullness, and tinnitus.


     2017 RECIPIENTS

Applying for a grant

Researchers interested in applying for a Ménière's Disease Grant, please visit Submitting an Application. Unsure you qualify? Please review our Policy on Ménière's Disease Grants

For questions about the application or HHF's research grants programs, please contact