A Tradition of Support
Planned giving donors provide essential philanthropic support that enables Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) to remain the country’s largest nonprofit funder of hearing research. The Hearing Health Legacy was established to recognize and thank these extraordinary individuals.

Giving options include gifts in wills, living trusts, or beneficiary designations of retirement plans, brokerage accounts, and life insurance policies. These giving options offer HHF supporters creative and flexible strategies to pursue financial goals while supporting important research and program work.

Recognizing Our Devoted Founder
HHF (previously Deafness Research Foundation) was founded in 1958 because of the vision, strength, and determination of the late Collette Ramsey Baker. After living with a substantial hearing loss for many years, surgery restored Mrs. Ramsey Baker’s hearing. In gratitude, she created a nonprofit to support research to further hearing loss treatments, prevention, and cures.

Under Mrs. Ramsey Baker’s leadership, HHF bestowed grants upon universities and other institutions. Her work was praised by Presidents Hoover and Eisenhower, as well as Helen Keller and Cardinal Francis Spellman. She was also listed in Who’s Who for Women. We are so grateful for her legacy.

Our Deepest Thanks
We are grateful to those who carry on this vital tradition of support. We look forward to speaking with you about the Hearing Health Legacy and charitable gift planning.
Hearing Health Legacy members Chris and Frank

Hearing Health Legacy members Chris and Frank

Become a Member
If you wish to learn how a planned gift can help establish your legacy at HHF, please contact us at If you have already provided for hearing research in a planned gift, but have not yet informed us, please fill out the form below. We appreciate receiving information regarding the specific purpose of any planned gift. This allows us to ensure your philanthropic intention can be implemented according to your wishes.