You're Losing Hearing Faster Than You Think

“I went to a restaurant and it was 104 decibels,” says Nadine Dehgan of the Hearing Health Foundation, a New York-based organization that helps fund research for medical and technological advances in hearing loss. “It was hours of 104-dB pop music. I told them, ‘This is damaging to the customers,’ and they turned it down.”


Hearing aids remain costly, as much as several thousand dollars for one. “Hearing aids are cheaper, but I wouldn’t call them cheap,” says Laura Friedman of the Hearing Health Foundation. “Glasses are covered by insurance companies but those companies don’t cover hearing aids. They consider it cosmetic.”

Hearing Health Foundation's CEO, Nadine Dehgan, and Communications and Programs Manager, Laura Friedman, were quoted in Men's Journal on the dangers of noise and the costs of hearing aids. Read the full article, here

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