The Inner Ear Circle

By Lauren McGrath

Credit: Jane G. Photography

Credit: Jane G. Photography

Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) exists to better the lives of individuals with hearing and balance conditions through groundbreaking research.

Reliable research outcomes require time and stability. “Research is not effective when it happens in fits and starts. Consistency is necessary to find safe and effective ways to promote lasting advancements for hearing in humans,” explains HRP scientist Jennifer S. Stone, Ph.D.

Making a monthly contribution is a powerful way to ensure that research in the program of your choice—Hearing Restoration Project (HRP), Emerging Research Grants (ERG) or Ménière's Disease Grants (MDG)—can thrive. You can also designate your gift to the area of greatest need to help us reach our program goals.

When you start your monthly commitment to HHF, you will automatically become a member of our Inner Ear Circle, helping to ensure our researchers have the resources needed to sustain their work without interruption.

Additional benefits of the Inner Ear Circle include:

  • Reduced administrative efforts and cost

  • Financial security for your contribution

  • Environmental friendliness because we print fewer mailings

  • Special recognition in HHF’s Annual Report

To make your first gift as a member of the Inner Ear Circle, please visit

If you wish, you may commence your monthly commitment by phone—212.257.6140 (voice) or 888.435-6104 (TTY)—or by mailing a completed form to:

Hearing Health Foundation
363 Seventh Ave 10th Floor
New York, NY 10010

Please, if you are able, begin a monthly contribution to HHF’s life-changing research and awareness today. 100% of your donation will sustain critical programming. HHF has earned top ratings with all charity watchdogs, and made the Consumer Reports list of Top Five Charities for Your Donation, providing assurance your contribution will be well-invested.

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Thank you for your consideration and support.

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