Tell Us Your Tips!

By Yishane Lee

Here, at HHF, we're working on Hearing Health’s Spring issue and our theme is…..drum roll please.….“Living Better With Hearing Loss.” We’d like to include expertise and advice from YOU, our readers, because who's better than you to give your insights and experiences with living with hearing loss?

We truly appreciate your time and help with any of the questions below! Please respond in the comments section, email us at, or provide your answers via this survey, here.

  • What are your best hearing aid tips? For example, do you have a trick to maximize battery life? Or a foolproof way to make sure you never misplace your devices?

  • Have you ever accidentally gotten your hearing aid wet? What did you do? Did it work?

  • What steps do you take to hear better in a noisy setting? Do you use your hearing aids combined with certain assistive devices?

  • Do you have tinnitus? How do you cope with it? Does your hearing aid have a tinnitus setting, do you use white noise, or something else?

  • What have you learned about yourself or your family after being diagnosed with hearing loss?

  • Are you the parent of a child with hearing loss? What advice do you have for parents getting a diagnosis of hearing loss for their child?

  • Are you an adult with hearing loss? What is advice you would tell your younger self, or the parents of your younger self?

  • What is your go-to accessory or assistive listening device? A mini mic? A neck loop? Earplugs?

  • Do you protect your hearing in noisy settings? What steps do you take?

  • Have you ever had a scary situation where you could not hear?

  • Do you tell people about your hearing loss as soon as you meet them, or do you wait till later? Or do you let them figure it out themselves? Tell us why.

  • If you could design the perfect hearing aid, what would it include?

Thank you for sharing your experiences living with
hearing loss and tinnitus with us. 

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