Running with only one goal

By Claire Schultz

I am running this race with one goal in mind:  To raise as much money as possible and accelerate the pace of Hearing Health Foundation's research that will lead to a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus (loud ringing in the ears) in our lifetime.

I decided to take on this enormous challenge of mental and physical endurance with just five weeks to go until the race. A bit daunting, yes. But it is for a good reason.  When I joined Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) back in April,  people were signing up to run on the HHF team to raise money for our mission.  I was told we had one spot remaining and could not fathom that HHF might not take full advantage of this opportunity to raise money to fund our research consortium of leading scientists who are working collaboratively toward a cure.   So, I made the commitment.  I will run the 26.2 miles throughout NYC, and I will cross that finish line with a smile and, hopefully, with your support!   

I am doing this for the people who I know personally who live every day with the challenges of hearing loss.  I he learned from them just how hard it is to live life in a world of silence.  There are 50 million women, men, teens, and children in the U.S. who live each day without their hearing. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and tinnitus are the top two service-connected disabilities among US troops.

You can support me and my goal to raise money for the Hearing Health Foundation. With your help we will make great strides toward a cure for all those people living with hearing loss and tinnitus.

Please go here to donate and those of you who live in and around NYC, come out on November 2nd and cheer me on. 

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