Dads and Grads: Listen Up!

By Tara Guastella

If you’re still searching for a Father’s Day gift (like I am), consider scheduling Dad for a hearing screening. Since men are more likely to experience hearing loss than women, show him how much you want him to have a lifetime of healthy hearing this year.

Many men that I know feel that losing their hearing is “just part of the aging process.” Yet most people wait 7 to 10 years after they begin having difficulty hearing to get their hearing tested. While age-related hearing loss does affect many as they grow older, having a hearing screening can help your loved one to learn if there indeed is a hearing loss and receive treatment if it is recommended by the doctor.  

Dad isn’t the only one who should have his hearing checked though. Teens and young adults are also heavily impacted by hearing loss. It is estimated that 1 in 5 teens now has hearing loss which may be a result of regular exposure to unsafe sounds such as loud music on iPhones or mp3 players.

If you need help finding a hearing healthcare provider for your loved one, consider using the search features on our partner organization websites. You can also learn how to recognize the signs of hearing loss and how hearing works.

This June, show your dad and grad just how much you care by encouraging them to have their hearing checked.

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