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Gifts of Appreciated Stock

There are several advantages to making a donation of appreciated stock to Hearing Health Foundation. First, you receive a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the stock. You also avoid having to pay capital gains taxes on the stock. Finally, your gift makes a lasting and important impact to help the millions of people who live with hearing loss.

Here’s the information your broker or investment advisor will need to make your gift of appreciated stock:

Hearing Health Foundation Brokerage:

JP Morgan Securities, LLC
277 Park Avenue, 3rd floor
New York, NY 10172

DTC Number: 0352         
Account Number: 037-79717
Account Name: Hearing Health Foundation (formerly Deafness Research Foundation)
Broker Name
Tammy Schmidt 
Broker Telephone1-800-999-2000
Broker Fax: 917-849-0017       



Please also complete this form and fax, email or mail to Hearing Health Foundation. This will ensure that we can properly acknowledge your gift.


For additional information, please contact Hearing Health Foundation at (212) 257-6140 or via email at development@hhf.org

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