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Monthly Giving


Monthly giving is an easy way for you to support our most important research and education projects throughout the year. And by doing so you’ll be a part of a special group of Hearing Health Foundation supporters called “Friends of Hearing Health”.

As a Friend of Hearing Health, your recurring monthly gifts will provide a reliable stream of support that is so vital to our national research initiatives. All monthly donors are recognized and acknowledged in Hearing Health Foundation’s Annual Report.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You choose the donation amount and the frequency of your gift.  (Your credit card will be charged automatically according to your selections.)
  2. You will receive a charitable tax receipt at the end of the year for your cumulative annual contributions (and your credit card statements serve as an additional record.)
  3. You can increase, decrease, or suspend your gift at any time by contacting Hearing Health Foundation.

Thank you for supporting our programs to make hearing loss a thing of the past!




Why do I give to HHF? 
My son was born with hearing loss in 2003. It was confusing, scary, and frustrating as a new parent to be worried about your child's future, but I also couldn't sit idly by and wish for it to just "get better." HHF provides my son and I with hope that his hearing loss can be cured in his lifetime, and it is because of this hope that I give to HHF each and every month.
- Troy Zimmerman, Granville, Ohio
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