June 22, 2016
Many profoundly deaf people wearing cochlear implants (CIs) still face challenges in everyday situations, such as understanding conversations in noise. Even with CIs in both ears, they have difficulty making full use of subtle differences in the sounds reaching the two ears to identify where the sound is coming from. This problem is especially acute at the high stimulation rates used in clinical CI processors.

June 21, 2016
HHF Supporter Alex Mussomeli Selected as Finalist in 2016 Oticon Focus on People Awards. Vote for Alex Online now through August 15!

June 14, 2016
Audra Renyi knows firsthand how treating hearing loss brings families together. On the occasion of Father's Day, she recounts how her father, who wears a hearing aid, has inspired her life's work of providing affordable hearing tests and devices to people in developing countries.

June 07, 2016
What happens when your child is diagnosed with profound to severe hearing loss at 6 months of age, receives his first cochlear implant at age 1 1/2 (second at before his 5th birthday) and spends a couple of years in auditory-verbal therapy (AVT) or speech therapy, but is showing little to no progress?

June 07, 2016
Bodies are complex systems, composed of many minute details. The human anatomy serves to remind us of the intricacies of our world. This June for Brain and Alzheimer's Awareness Month, HHF invites you to join us in celebrating one of the most mysterious and fascinating part of the body: the brain.


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