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Flo and AnonioOn October 15th, HHF’s leadership organized a research event at Jeff Bader President- Program Planning, Strategy and Research, NBC Entertainment and his wife Michelle's residence in Sherman Oaks, CA raising awareness and funds to cure hearing loss and tinnitus. This was the first time that representatives from the entertainment industry,corporations, local businesses, and the philanthropic world came together to shout out "I AM HEAR FOR A CURE" to support HHF's mission. Please click here to watch the celebrities showing their support.
Read about the Amazing Chick Discovery and how the members of the Hearing Restoration Project are working to trigger inner ear hair cell regeneration in humans to cure hearing loss and tinnitus.
Kathy Buckley: America's First Hearing-Impaired Comedian
Born with a hearing loss that was undetected until I was 8, I was placed in a school for the mentally retarded for two years before they found out it was just a hearing loss. And they call me slow? As a person with a hearing loss who uses spoken language, I have found it challenging as to where I fit in this world. Deaf-culture people see me as hearing because I use my voice rather than sign. Hearing people see me as deaf because I wear hearing aids and read lips. People ask me all the time, what do you call yourself "deaf, hard of hearing, hearing-impaired?" I say, "Call me Kathy."
Meet Team Campbell. Jean, Mitchell, Trevor, Corey, and Chris. Jean suffered a life-changing, devastating hearing loss injury at last year's Boston Marathon bombing. On April 21, in honor of Jean, the Campbell family ran Boston, their first ever Marathon, and raised funds for HHF! Donate to the Campbell family fundraiser and help us make hearing loss and tinnitus things of the past.
Eating fish to reduce hearing loss
New study findings have shown that higher caffeine intake is associated with a lower risk of tinnitus.
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