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Emerging Research Grants
Through the Emerging Research Grant (ERG) program, Hearing Health Foundation annually awards grants to up and coming scientists who research under-funded and under-researched hearing disorders, including tinnitus, hyperacusis, Central Auditory Processing Disorder, and Ménière's Disease, among others.
Under the governance of senior national researchers and physicians, ERG is an important vehicle to launch the careers of tomorrow’s innovators, with many funded researchers ultimately obtaining grants from the National Institutes of Health.
"Hearing Health Foundation plays a seminal role in launching the independent research careers of many research scientists in hearing research. The grant awarded by HHF provides the 'seed' support needed to obtain preliminary data that enables a grantee to apply for and get a larger grant award to expand their research resources and efforts." —James F. Battey, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., Director, National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institute of Health
Researchers interested in applying for an Emerging Research Grant, please visit Submitting an Application.
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