Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Veterans
Tinnitus and Hearing Loss Are the #1 and #2 War Wounds
Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and hearing loss are the number one and two health conditions, respectively, among military veterans at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical centers.
Rebecca Nava shares her experience sustaining hearing loss after serving in Iraq.  Now, our Hearing Restoration Project is aiming to deliver a cure for hearing loss and tinnitus for all of our service men and women.
Veterans Are Heavily Impacted by Hearing Loss & Tinnitus
According to the U.S. Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE), the numbers for those injured in the global war on terror effort are more than 350,000 service members with tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and over 250,000 with hearing loss. In the past decade, 840,000 service members have been diagnosed with tinnitus, and just over 700,000 have hearing loss, the HCE says. Combined, the number of cases of tinnitus, hearing loss, and other auditory disorders over the last decade tops 1 million. Learn more about the impact of hearing loss and tinnitus on veterans.
A Cure for Hearing Loss & Tinnitus
Our groundbreaking Hearing Restoration Project (HRP) is working to develop a genuine, biologic cure for hearing loss and tinnitus for the thousands of veterans impacted. Learn more about how we will deliver a cure.
Hearing Health Magazine: A Free Resource for Veterans
At HHF, we publish Hearing Health magazine the largest consumer publication on hearing loss which is distributed nationwide including at VA Medical Centers. Published quarterly, Hearing Health magazine provides valuable resources on new technologies, treatments, and updates on hearing research. Subscribe for your free print edition of Hearing Health magazine or browse our current issue.
Tinnitus Treatment Options
There are various treatment options for veterans to manage their tinnitus such as sound or drug therapy, pyshcological intervenetions or brain stimulation. The Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Trial—taking place at six flagship military treatment centers—promises a large-scale, well-funded examination of possibly the most promising therapy yet for chronic tinnitus. Learn about how you can get involved with this clinical trial.
A Progressive Tinnitus Treatment
A sequential program emerges as one of the most promising, research-based methods to help veterans manage their tinnitus. Learn more about progressive tinnitus management.
Hearing Conservation in the Military
Effective hearing conservation efforts can help prevent auditory injury for both active and off-duty military service members as well as veterans. Learn about ways to protect your hearing during service.
Nathan Heltzel Served for 11 Years Sustaining Hearing Loss Along the Way
Nathan has 40 percent hearing loss in his left ear and 30 percent in his right ear. He has tinnitus in both ears, especially the left. The hearing problems are a direct result of gunfire and loud jet engines on flight line duty.  Read more of his story and meet other veterans with hearing loss and tinnitus.

For the Love of Music and Flight
A retired Air Force officer traces his tinnitus back to work as well as play. Hear from Roger Lesser.
Resources for Veterans
There are many ways for veterans to seek help for their hearing problems. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) and Department of Defense Hearing Center of Excellence (HCE) all provide useful resources to help veterans cope with hearing loss and tinnitus. Find more resources.
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