SUMMER 2017 References

Here are references for the SUMMER 2017 ISSUE OF HEARING HEALTH MAGAZINE



"Statistics: Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids,” page 4 (in order of statistics):

“In Transit,” page 16 (in order of story):


“In the Air and on the Road,” page 18 (in order of story):


“Noisy Environments, By the Numbers,” page 19:

“You Can Go to the Movies When You Have Hearing Loss,” page 20:


“House Hunting Tips When You Have a Hearing Loss,” page 23:

“No Puedo Escuchar,” page 24:


“Recent Research by Hearing Health Foundation Scientists, Explained,” page 34:


“Why Does Age-Related Hearing Loss Occur, and What Can Be Done About It?,” page 38:

In addition, the aggregated research of scientists whose work has led to better understanding of age-related hearing loss follows: