Hearing Health is an award-winning magazine that provides reliable information on issues related to various hearing conditions. It is also a forum for information sharing. Hearing Health magazine is published quarterly and is available to subscribers at no cost.

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Topics covered in Hearing Health

  • Regular research updates from our Hearing Restoration Project members and our Emerging Research Grants scientists.
  • Human interest stories and personal experiences from supporters, staff members, volunteers, and researchers; individuals including veterans, seniors, and children living with any hearing and balance-related conditions; individuals with loved ones or friends affected by hearing loss; hearing healthcare professionals.
  • Relevant hearing loss news including legislative updates, advocacy efforts, education, and prevention.
  • Resource guide for current hearing loss technologies, treatments and advancements.

Is there an article you would like to see on a specific topic area or submit a story for consideration? Email us at editor@hearinghealthmag.com.