Make an online donation or print a donation form and mail it back to us at: Hearing Health Foundation, 363 Seventh Avenue, 10th Floor, New York, NY 10001-3904.



You can support hearing loss research while making a meaningful gift in memory of someone special or in celebration of a loved one’s special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding or anniversary.



Monthly giving is an easy way for you to support our most important research and education projects throughout the year. And by doing so you’ll be a part of a special group of Hearing Health Foundation supporters called “Friends of Hearing Health”.

As a Friend of Hearing Health, your recurring monthly gifts will provide a reliable stream of support that is so vital to our national research initiatives. All monthly donors are recognized and acknowledged in Hearing Health Foundation’s Annual Report.


Hearing Health Magazine, our award-winning quarterly, educates individuals about the effects of hearing loss and tinnitus on health and quality of life, and aims to provide real-world solutions based on the latest research and technology.

Hearing Health offers advertisers a variety of proven advertising packages. Our publication's print and digital editions are designed to deliver the greatest benefit to consumers and hearing healthcare professionals, providing a unique audience and a wide-ranging reach for your advertising message.

To advertise, please contact: advertising@hhf.org, 212-257-6143

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Name a grant


Hearing Health Foundation’s special “Named Research Grants” Program enables a donor to fund an entire research project and name that specific research grant in their name or in honor or memory of a loved one.

For a minimum gift of $30,000, you can create your Hearing Health Foundation named research grant. For gifts between the amounts of $5,000 and $30,000, you can also partially name a grant and it will be recognized as a partial named grant. Many have done so to honor or to memorialize someone special to them.



Create a giving page with Classy.com and help us raise funds to cure hearing loss and tinnitus. There are many different ways to create your own fundraising event from golf outings and bake sales, to birthdays and weddings, to marathons and triathlons. Let your talents and interests lead you to your own fundraiser for HHF! No event is too large or small.

Need some ideas? See examples of past events and ideas for creating an event. Individuals, companies, organizations, sororities and fraternities of all sizes have joined in our efforts and we hope you will too!

Gifts of appreciated stock


There are several advantages to making a donation of appreciated stock to Hearing Health Foundation. First, you receive a charitable tax deduction for the full value of the stock. You also avoid having to pay capital gains taxes on the stock. Finally, your gift makes a lasting and important impact to help the millions of people who live with hearing loss.

Here’s the information your broker or investment advisor will need to make your gift of appreciated stock:

Hearing Health Foundation Brokerage: JP Morgan Securities, LLC 277 Park Avenue, 3rd floor New York, NY 10172

DTC Number: 0352
Account Number: 037-79717 Account Name: Hearing Health Foundation (formerly Deafness Research Foundation) Broker Name: Tammy Schmidt Broker Telephone: 1-800-999-2000 Broker Fax: 917-849-0017
Email: tammy.r.schmidt@jpmorgan.com

Note: Please also complete this form and fax, email or mail to Hearing Health Foundation. This will ensure that we can properly acknowledge your gift.

Planned Giving


Through a planned gift, you can have a meaningful, long-term impact on HHF’s future. You can also make a gift to HHF that pays you income for life, with a rate of return that’s guaranteed, regardless of market fluctuations. You can donate real estate, stocks and bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, personal property and other non-cash assets. Or you can simply remember HHF in your will. Below are some ways to make a planned gift:

Bequest (Will): When you remember Hearing Health Foundation in your estate plan, you can join Hearing Health Foundation’s legacy society called the “Baker Society,” named after the founder of Deafness Research Foundation (now named Hearing Health Foundation) Collette Ramsey Baker. Bequests qualify for unlimited charitable deduction, which can reduce your estate taxes and preserve more of your assets for family and other intended beneficiaries.

Charitable Gift Annuity: A Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to have a fixed income for life and, at the same time, support our vital research towards prevention and a cure for hearing loss. It is a unique way to make a gift – one that can increase your steady supplemental income, give you a substantial tax deduction, and lower the taxes on the monthly or quarterly payments you receive. You can make a charitable gift to the Hearing Health Foundation and, at the same time, receive monthly payments that are higher than you may already be receiving from other investments.

Life Insurance Policy: If you have a life insurance policy that you no longer need, you can designate HHF as the beneficiary of this existing policy and, as a result, make a considerably larger gift than you thought possible — larger than if you were to donate the cash equivalent of the policy’s premiums.

Charitable Trust: You can contribute securities or other appreciating assets to a Charitable Lead Trust. The trust makes annual payments to HHF for a period of time. When the trust terminates, the remaining principal is paid to your heirs.

workplace giving


Hearing Health Foundation, formerly Deafness Research Foundation, participates in several workplace charity campaigns including the Combined Federal Campaign, state employee campaigns and several corporate campaigns.

Hearing Health Foundation is also a member of Network for Good, a nationwide network of charitable organizations that works to promote charitable giving through workplace giving campaigns.

Matching Gifts Many employers will match your donation to Hearing Health Foundation dollar for dollar or even more — That means your donation to our programs could have double or triple the impact!

  1. Please check with your company’s human resources or community relations department to see if they match employees’ charitable gifts. Obtain an employer matching gift form.
  2. Complete the employee portion of the matching gift form.
  3. Mail to the Hearing Health Foundation so we can fill out the charity portion of the form. We will then send to your employer for the matching gift.
  4. We will notify you when the matching gift is received from your employer.

partner with hhf


For companies and groups, being a Partner for Hearing Health program gives the chance to contribute to our life-changing hearing research and education programs, and to show your commitment to the 50 million Americans who have hearing loss. Your partnership shows your clients, employees, and the public that you support the research, education, and awareness work of Hearing Health Foundation.

Levels of support for the Partner for Hearing Health Program:

Supporting Partner: $10,000 Advertisement in Hearing Health e-newsletter Listed as a Partner in Annual Report Listed as a Supporting Partner on Hearing Health Foundation's website Ad for 3 months on Hearing Health Foundation’s website Partnership announced on Facebook and Twitter page

Bronze Partner: $25,000 Same as Supporting Partner plus: Listed as a Bronze Partner for Hearing Health on our website Use of the Partner for Hearing Health logo on your website 4 quarter-page ads in Hearing Health magazine (one ad per quarterly magazine)

Silver Partner $35,000 Same as Bronze Partner plus: Listed as a Silver Partner for Hearing Health on Hearing Health Foundation's website Half-page ad in an issue of Hearing Health magazine Ad for 6 months on HHF’s website

Gold Partner: $50,000 Same as Silver Partner plus: Exclusive advertiser in one Hearing Health e-newsletter Blurb in our e-newsletter announcing partnership Listed as a Gold Partner for Hearing Health on Hearing Health Foundation's website Ad for 9 months on HHF’s website Total ads in Hearing Health = 2 full-pages + 2 quarter-pages

Platinum Partner: $75,000 Same as Gold Partner plus: Listed as a Platinum Partner for Hearing Health on Hearing Health Foundation's website Announcement as a Partner for Hearing Health on our Hearing Health Blog Ad for 12 months on HHF’s website 1 full-page advertorial in Hearing Health Magazine Total ads in Hearing Health magazine = 1 full-page + 2 half-pages


Join our growing family of donors who are helping to make hearing loss a thing of the past.

Hearing Health Foundation, a national 501 (c)(3) organization, relies on contributions from individuals, foundations, companies and community groups, to fulfill its mission. Your donations to Hearing Health Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For more information on any of the below options, please contact us at development@hhf.org or at 212-257-6140.