Amanda Janesick, Ph.D., Stanford University

Amanda Janesick, Ph.D., Stanford University


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Emerging Research Grants (ERG) grants provide seed money to stimulate data collection that leads to a continuing, independently fundable line of research. Areas of interest: General Hearing Health (GHH), Auditory Processing Disorders, Hearing Loss in Children, Hyperacusis, Ménière’s disease, Ototoxic Medications, Tinnitus, and Usher syndrome.

Ménière’s Disease Grants (MDG) seeks to better our understanding of this complicated condition. Areas of interest: mechanisms of endolymphatic hydrops; genetics of Ménière’s disease; development and validation of biomarkers, including imaging and/or electrophysiologic and behavioral measures for diagnosis and measurement of therapeutic effectiveness; animal models; and the development of novel therapeutics.