Shh...Turn Down the Volume Night

Next Wednesday, May 15th, top New York City restaurants will be joining together in support of Hearing Health Foundation. They will be turning down the volume for the evening in their venues, including having their music played at a lower volume and limit noise in the restaurant. Participating restaurants include Pera SohoPera MidtownDelmonico’s KitchenAmaliBistro CitronPomodoro RossoBistro CassisPark West and Millesime.

Turn Down the Volume is one of Hearing Health Foundation’s initiative’s focusing on hearing health. The organization’s mission is to cure hearing loss through ground-breaking research in ten years time. Minimizing noise in public spaces helps to protect people’s hearing while a cure is being developed. During Turn Down the Volume Night, each restaurant will have materials on the foundation and the hearing pledge on hand for customers. Nearly 50 Million Americans experience hearing loss and often those suffering from hearing loss complain of trouble having conversation in restaurants, particularly in New York City, due to an overwhelming amount of noise. So take part in Turn Down the Volume Night and head to one of the participating restaurants!

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