NYC Restaurants Participate In A 'Turn Down The Volume' Campaign

Ever go out to eat and have a hard time hearing the person sitting across from you? That’s about to change at some restaurants right here in New York City tomorrow.

They’ve decided to take part in a program from the Hearing Health Foundation called “Turn Down the Volume.”

Restaurants like Pera, Delmonico’s Kitchen, Amali, Bistro Citron, Pomodoro Rosso, Bistro Cassis, Park West and Millesime will all turn down the volume on the background music.

They will also mute the phones and train their services not to clink glassware or silverware or shout out orders to the kitchen.

These restaurants will also ask diners to sign a pledge for hearing health and get screened for hearing loss. Did you know only about 16-percent of doctors routinely screen for it?

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