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All qualified research teams are welcome to apply for membership in the scientific consortium collaborating to accelerate the development of a treatment to restore hearing loss in humans.

If you believe you could contribute to this new scientific consortium please review the Membership Criteria below.



The Hearing Restoration Project is an alliance of scientists working collaboratively and interactively toward the mission of the Hearing Restoration Project, namely, to restore lost hearing and balance in humans by biologic replacement of missing or dysfunctional cells of the inner ear.

The Hearing Restoration Project asks from its members: 1) a commitment to the overall goal and organizational approach; 2) full sharing of techniques, data, and credit; 3) an allegiance to the ideals of the Hearing Restoration Project; and 4) active participation in the self-governance of the Hearing Restoration Project.

Members will a) jointly develop new and novel research projects to reach the Hearing Restoration Project goal, b) review and rank projects developed at the annual investigators meeting and after, c) serve as collegial constructive critics at all times through email, bulletin board, and quarterly meetings aimed at strengthening new approaches, and d) recommend worthy colleagues as Consortium members.

Consortium members may receive sponsored research awards from the Hearing Restoration Project based on scientific merit as judged by the Hearing Restoration Project Consortium and affirmed by the Hearing Restoration Project Scientific Advisory Board. The number and size of the awards will vary with the project and available funding.

Applicants for Hearing Restoration Project Consortium membership must:

1. Be a current PI or Co PI of an active R01 grant (or equivalent in funding and duration) and direct a laboratory in the area of cell phenotype, tissue regeneration, cellular regeneration biology or related areas.

2. Commit sufficient resources, including personnel, space and equipment, to participate in Consortium projects.

3. Have a strong publication record of results relevant to the goal of the Hearing Restoration Project.

4. Hold a faculty institutional appointment at the level of Assistant Professor or above (or equivalent);

5. Sign a membership agreement to work collaboratively, including sharing of unpublished data and untested ideas, and participate in project-splitting with other labs where appropriate;

6. Attend quarterly and annual investigator meetings and participate in project evaluation and ranking;

7. Affirm no conflict-of-interest existing with industry by signing the Hearing Restoration Project confidentiality agreement

8. Work with the Hearing Restoration Project Scientific Director in establishing contracts with their institutional administration.

If you determine that you are qualified, please download and complete the Hearing Restoration Project application form, sign it, scan into .pdf format, and email it – along with your full C.V. and preferred username – to hrp@hearinghealthfoundation.org.

After the membership committee accepts your application you will be given access to the consortium bulletin board, which has been set up to permit you and the other members to communicate ideas, events, and opportunities and share data while protecting intellectual property.

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